Micro-Lite Glitter Set

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Looking for the perfect holographic glitter to dazzle your clients fingertips?  Using the micro-lite glitters can be a quick and easy way to make your nails go from mehhh to marvelous!  

The micro-lite glitters are a blend of super-fine glitters, specially formulated to have both a stunning iridescent shimmer, along with the amazing fire an spark of a holographic glitter.  They are cosmetic grade both in material and size.  They can be added to clear acrylic powder, into hard gel, into gel polish, and into nail polish (but my favorite is just dusting them into the tacky layer of gel polish).  

Includes • Rosey • Velvet • Frost • Grinch • Satin • Iris

Each micro-lite glitter comes in a .25oz (by volume) jar. Happy Dazzling!

If bought individually this set would cost $42

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