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Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ, it only takes a minute.  These are the terms and conditions that EVERY buyer must agree to before making a purchase with us :)


-I agree and understand that returns are not accepted on brushes, glitters, paints or products.  Returns are also not accepted because of user error, or lack of knowledge on the user's part.

This means if you get a color and don't like it, you may NOT return it or receive a refund.

This means, if you get a product and can't figure out how to use it, you may NOT return it or receive a refund.  

This means, if you purchase a product from us, and it is not compatible with the current product or products you are using, or the nail lamp you are using, you may NOT return it or receive a refund.

This means, that if you purchase a product from us and you try it and just don't like it, sorry, you may NOT return it or receive a refund.  

This means, we provided you with the product's size and volume, so no one should be surprised by how "little was in the jar" or how "big the topcoat is".  Most of our glitters and pigments are filled to the "shoulder" of the jar.  Some settling may occur during transit.  We weigh every jar when filling to ensure that it contains the correct amount of product.  

These are cosmetic products, and once it leaves our facility, it is yours.  Refunds and returns are not accepted.  


-By making this purchase, I agree with the product's description on the website.  

We do our best to accurately describe our products so you know exactly what you are getting by providing photos of the item (and sometimes videos), the volume of the product (the amount), the SDS for the product which contains information like warnings and ingredients, and we also provide instructions for each product right on the product's page.  

Cosmetic products in the United States according to the FDA must be sold by volume, and not weight.  That means, a 10g jar may actually hold 6 grams when you pour it out and weigh it, or it may actually hold 20 grams.  It all depends on the weight of the product.  When we launch a product, we fill the jar to our specifications, and then weigh it.  We then use that weight as we fill our jars. This is how we ensure that all of the jars are being filled properly, and the same amount is in every jar.  


-I agree that any defective item must be reported immediately and backed by photographic evidence (of the product itself). We ask that you please return the defective item to us.  If we deem that the item is truly defective, we will be happy to replace that item for you.  

Every situation is different.  An item is not defective just because you can't figure out how to use it properly.  In the case of a truly defective item, we have no problem replacing it once the original item is returned to us.  


-I understand that Wildflowers may use alternative shipping methods.  

We generally try to ship with FedEx within the United States, but we may use another company.
FedEx does not ship to PO Boxes. Please contact us to change your address. If you have listed a PO Box as your shipping address and we cannot get ahold of you to change this before we ship, we will ship your package to you however we see fit.


-I agree that Wildflowers does NOT guarantee shipping times.  I understand that Wildflowers is NOT the United States Postal Service OR FedEx.  These are different companies.  

Our website generates an estimated time for shipping, but these times are in no way shape or form "guaranteed" by us or anyone else.  

The ONLY shipping option that we offer that is guaranteed is from the Priority Express Shipping from USPS.  It is guaranteed by the United States Postal Service, NOT by Wildflowers.  

The United States Postal Service is run by humans who make mistakes from time to time.  It's unfortunate when it happens, but sometimes it does.  


-I agree that if an item or items are damaged during shipping, that I will immediately take pictures of the box (the outside AND the inside contents), and contact Wildflowers.  I also understand that slight seeping of certain glitters or pigments is normal during shipping.  

 Wildflowers may ask that you please return the item or items to us.  If we deem that your item is in-fact damaged, we will replace the item at no cost to you once photographic evidence is provided and an affidavit is signed (for insurance purposes).  

It is normal for some items (especially the micro glitters and pigments) to leak or seep during transit.  We take every action to avoid this, but sometimes it's unavoidable.  We package these glitters in small baggies just incase a little bit seeps out.  We also add a little extra to these jars to compensate for any small amount that may seep or leak out during transit.  A small amount of seeping or leaking on these products is not considered "damaged".  

If your pot of glitter or pigment comes completely unscrewed in transit, or was cross-threaded and there is a large loss, please contact us.  


If your order is missing an item, please send a photo of the invoice / packing slip, and a photo of the contents that were received.  Please also include a photo of the package (to see if there is evidence of tampering).  Email photos to  


-I agree that I will not hold Wildflowers Academy responsible for any orders shipped to the wrong address because of user error (accidentally entering the wrong shipping address).  I also agree to pay for any additional shipping to get my order to the correct address due to user error.
This means that if you put your address in wrong, and the package doesn't get to you, that's your fault, not ours.  You will have to pay shipping again to get the package to you.  If you don't want to pay the shipping, we will issue you a refund once we receive the un-opened package back to us, but your refund will not include shipping.  
Please double check your address, and contact us IMMEDIATELY if you notice that you entered something wrong.  Text is best (239)677-0578.


-I agree that if my package (for orders in the United States) is lost or stolen, there is a 20 day wait period before an official claim can be filed (which is no guarantee of a resolution).  Wildflowers Academy will not be held responsible for packages lost or stolen after the delivery scan from the postal service you choose at checkout.  

This means that we have to give the post office a chance to recover it.  20 days after the ship date, we can file an official claim.  At that time, once we receive a properly filled out affidavit from you (which we will provide and it only takes a minute), we can either issue a refund, or re-ship your package.  If you don't want the wait the 20 days, you can re-order during this time, and once the claim has been filed, your original purchase will be refunded.  

-For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS using USPS First Class Mail International I understand that I will receive a tracking number that will only be updated in the United States.  Once the package has left the United States it can not be tracked. 

-I understand that when I choose to ship an item using USPS First Class International it will take 1 to 3 weeks (or more) depending on your country.  I understand that Wildflowers Academy may or may not be able to resolve the issue if your package is lost, stolen, or missing.  In addition, 40 days must pass before we can file an official claim (which does not guarantee anything).  

-I understand that I am responsible for ANY customs or duty taxes that my country may charge for my package.  In the event that I refuse to pay them, my package will be returned to Wildflowers.  If and when the package is returned a refund may be requested for the cost of the product, but shipping will NOT be refunded.  

This means that if you get a notice of "customs due" and you decide not to pay it, and the item is returned to us, we will only refund you for the items, NOT the shipping costs.  


Class purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please be sure to read the FAQ section of the website to review what to bring to class.  Wildflowers Academy will send out an email to the email address provided by you within a week of class to confirm the venue and supplies needed.  



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