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Stamp like a PRO.  Wildflowers Stamping Gel allows you to do so much more than just a basic stamp, it gives you the ability to foil, chrome, pigment, glitter, and emboss!  



Please make sure to shake your Wildflowers Stamping Gel before each use.

TO FOIL - use the Black Stamping Gel.  You want to use it directly on a tack-free surface - after you stamp the image with the black stamping gel, use your foil (no cure required).  Apply gel topcoat.  

TO PIGMENT -  Use the White or Black Stamping gel.  Use the stamping gel directly on a tack-free surface - stamp the image, and then VERY LIGHTLY dust with pigment (similar to sugaring as to not smear the design - feather light pressure on an eyeshadow applicator works just fine).  No cure required until after the pigment.  Apply gel topcoat. 

TO CHROME - Use on a buffed surface -OR- a surface that has already been chromed with another color.  Stamp the image.  Cure for 10 seconds in a UV or LED light then apply the chrome or chameleon pigment) Apply gel topcoat.  

PICKING UP THE IMAGE FROM THE PLATE:  For a rectangular image, apply 5-6 small beads of stamping Gel to the plate ABOVE or BESIDE the image.  Scrape quickly at 45 degrees.  (You have about 3 seconds to pick up the image before the solvents begin to evaporate) Then gently

ROLL the stamper with EXTREMELY LIGHT PRESSURE (do not "boink")  :D 

Try your best to use a very graceful movement with even pressure (do not press down in the middle of your roll).  

REMOVE EXCESS GEL from the stamper head. (You have PLENTY of time to do this part.... in fact, you can even place the lid on your stamper, and leave it overnight and the image will STILL STAMP the next day)  You don't want to make a mess on your clients finger....  and if you do accidentally get some on the finger, REMOVE BEFORE CURING!  



Wildflowers Stamping Gel in BLACK (15mL)



We ship world-wide.  Just add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter your address to see your rates.  Item ships from Florida, USA.


Returns are not accepted on Wildflowers Stamping Gel.  If you suspect that your item may be defective, you have a 2 week window to contact us after receiving your product, and we will work with you from there :)

Other Information:

Wildflowers Stamping Gel has a shelf-life of 12 months. 

The MSDS can be found HERE.   

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