Amber Rose Color Shifting Chrome

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Don't have the time or money to take a gamble on product quality? Neither do we!  At Wildflowers, we source the best raw materials to take the guessing game away for Nail Professionals - that way you can focus on making AMAZING nails!  Always know that if you purchase it from us, you're getting the best out there.    


  • Rose gold to gold color shift (best seen over dark background colors)
  • Light colored powder - can be used to high shine ANY base color.
  • Super-fine highly concentrated powder - a little goes a LONG WAY!


(Swatch pictured is shown over black)


  • Finish your nail foundation (bring the the desired background color).  
  • Apply Wildflowers tack-free Metallic Topcoat.  Cure for 30 seconds ONLY in an LED lamp, or 60 seconds in a UV lamp.  
  • Use a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator to apply the powder to the nail.  Clean off excess.
  • Topcoat with Wildflowers Top Coat Gel.  Cure. 

Product Size: 

*Because these pigments are very costly, they are filled by weight, not volume.  Each powder contains 1g of product.   


 We ship world-wide!  Just head to checkout to see all of the options.  Ships from Florida, USA.


This is a cosmetic product.  Returns are NOT accepted for this product.