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This is a set of the Wildflowers chromes that are color shifting.  They are all light color slightly transparent powders of the highest possible grade.  

-"A" Amber Rose - Rose Gold to Gold

-"B" Deep Blue -  Blue to Violet

-"E" Electric Green - Brilliant Green to Teal

-"P"  Paisley - Purple to Teal

-"W"  - Green to Fuchsia


This is to purchase the set of 5 colors.  Each pot holds 3 grams each.  


1. Finish your nail foundation color.  (base, color, and topcoat)

2.  Apply Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat and cure for ONLY 30 seconds in an LED light.

3.  Apply theChrome (a LITTLE goes a VERY VERY long way!!) using a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator to the suface of the nail.  Remove any excess.

4.  Apply Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat, and begin by capping the free edge.  Cure.

5.  Apply your favorite brand of gel topcoat for extra durability.

Cosmetic products in the United States according to the FDA must be sold by volume, and not weight.  That means, a 10g jar may actually hold 6 grams when you pour it out and weigh it, or it may actually hold 20 grams.  It all depends on the weight of the product. When we launch a product, we fill the jar to our specifications, and then weigh it.  We then use that weight as we fill our jars. This is how we ensure that all of the jars are being filled properly, and the same amount is in every jar.  

This means there may be a variation in how much powder is in each jar.

**Returns or exchanges not accepted on pigments and glitters.  Please read our return policy (terms and conditions) when checking out :) 

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