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Design Plate 3 (DEFECT)

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This design plate was made and designed by Lauren Wireman.  Unfortunately one of our little deer got a plastic walmart bag caught on his antler when he was out in the wilderness :(  The new plates are on the way, SO we are offering this defective one at a deep discount until the new ones arrive, because everything else on the plate is perfect!  

We asked, and we listened!  The images on this plate are slightly smaller in pattern, but still nice and large overall.

Pair this with the clear stamper and Wildflowers Stamping Goop so you can see where it's landing on the nail, and to achieve a bright and highly pigmented stamp, and you're all set!  


The design plate #3 is full of fun patterns - artdeco, scales, snowflakes, and deer!

-Use this stamp with regular nail polish on natural nails for cute designs and added dimension.  

-Use this stamp over nail enhancements to add some bold excitement, or to create fun backgrounds for your hand-painted nailart.  

-Stamp with CND Shellac or Wildflowers Stamping Gel to add pigments, foils, textures, and glow-in-the-dark finishes.  


Clean this plate with Acetone or Alcohol.  Store in a dry place.  

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