Fluid Art Hands-On Class

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Batik, Watercolor, and Marble – these are just a few techniques the Wildflowers Nail Academy educators will help you learn in the Fluid Art class.

This is the perfect class to really dive in and master techniques where you may feel out of control - especially if you are a control freak!  Thankfully we use some amazing products that take the hard work out of the techniques, and I bet you'll surprise yourself in this class.  

Class includes some of Wildflowers Exclusive Gear!

Fluid Art is a 3 hour totally hands-on class (teaching time) with a total of 7 nails produced. 

Phoenix AZ  January 15th  12:30-4:30pm (complete)

El Paso TX  January 22nd  12:30-4:30pm (complete)

Austin TX  January 29th  12:30-4:30pm (complete)

Fort Myers FL  February 5th  1pm-5pm (complete)

Omaha NE March 5th 12:30-4:30pm (complete)

Dallas TX  March 12  12:30-4:30pm (complete)

Pasadena CA  April 9th  12:30-4:30pm

Chicago IL  April 30th  8am-12pm

Portland OR  May 9th  12:30-4:30pm

Orlando FL  June 2nd  12:30-4:30pm

Rapid City SD  May 21st  8am-12pm

St Louis MO  May 27th  8am-12pm

Billings MT  June 25th  8am-12pm

  • Wildflowers Fidget Stylus 
  • Wildflowers Indigo Brush
  • Wildflowers Silicone Tools (optional)
  • Wildflowers Liquid Brush
  • Wildflowers Magenta Brush
  • Wildflowers Scrubby Brush
  • UV or LED nail lamp
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Acetone
  • White, Black, Turquoise and Light Pink Gel Polish (and a few other bright colors)
  • An electrical power strip (you will be provided with one outlet as close as possible to you)
  • Table Towel (optional - we will have paper towels)
  • Table Lamp (optional - sometimes the lighting in conference rooms is poor)
  • We recommend utilizing the Wildflowers tools listed above.  If you choose to use other tools or brushes, we can not guarantee the outcome of each nail design.  
  • If you do not have any of the tools, we'd be happy to guide you in making a purchase from our website.  If you do not have time to order prior to class (because of shipping time) please contact us about pre-purchasing items.  We can have them ready for you when you check into class.