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Wildflowers Glo Powders are THE BEST!  They are pure pigments, and made from the ONLY FDA approved glow-in-the-dark pigment powder, luminescent zinc sulfide!  Safe for you, and safe for your clients!

These powders are NOT mixed with acrylic powder, which means you can use them in their pure state, or they can be mixed into acrylic powder.  

*** Mix Ratio*** 3 parts clear acrylic powder to one part glow pigment.  

If mixed into acrylic powder, one jar of our pure glow pigment mixed with your favorite brand of clear acrylic powder will yield 30 grams of glow acrylic!  That's over ONE ounce!  (that's a lot!)

You also have the option to mix it into gel or gel polish (because our pigments are pure and NOT pre-mixed with acrylic powder).  

The full set includes the following colors:

AfterGlo (off white powder / blue glow)

SnoGlo (off white powder / aqua glow)

UV ultra violet (whitish lavender powder / purple glow)

Luminary (whitish powder / green glow)

Powwow (hot pink powder / hot pink glow)

Flame (off white powder / peach glow)

Each comes in a 10g jar, for a total of 60 grams of glow powder!  


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