Holiday Glitter Set

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 Added 11/3/2017

This collection is perfect for Christmas through the New Year and beyond.  Includes:

-Prism (A silver, holographic, superellipse shape glitter that is thin and comes in  2, 4 & 5mm pieces in each jar)

-Fluff (A translucent grass type glitter approximately 2.5mm long, but some are shorter and it looks best encapsulated)

-Miracle (A translucent, superellipse shape glitter that is thin and comes in 2, 4 & 5mm pieces with a blue/orange/pink color shift on each piece)

-Ghost (A large, ultra-thin, translucent glitter that is 6-7mm wide and has a pink/orange/green shift or purple/yellow color shift on each piece )

-Facet (A silver holographic, gold holographic, superellipse shape glitter that is thin and comes in  2, 4 & 5mm pieces in both colors)

-Trilogy (A silver, holographic, triangle shape glitter with two sizes in each jar. Approximately 2mm and 3mm wide triangles)

Each comes in a 10g/.25 oz (by volume) jar  

These glitters are made with cosmetic grade films, and are solvent resistant.  




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