Hulala Fantasy Tape

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Hulala Fantasy Tape Encapsulation from Lauren Wireman on Vimeo.

Make beautiful iridescent nail with our Hulala Fantasy Tape.  This is an actual mylar tape (sticky on the back unlike angel paper) that is very thin, and has a beautiful iridescent effect.  It is slightly see-through.  Includes 3 feet of 2 different color tapes (so 6 feet total, three feet of each color).  The tape is shown on a white paper backing.  It changes to a dramatic copper or teal when placed over a dark nail.  


This is something that you definitely want to encapsulate under a hard gel or acrylic so that you eliminate the risk of it peeling up from wear.  

Some nail techs like to peel the backing away, and then cut.  Others like to cut pieces with the backing on, and then peel off.