Limited Edition Short Stack

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This set of 3 is for that wow factor on a nail! We only have a limited supply and once it's's gone!

• The first one in our stack, on the bottom, is a Magenta Chrome Unicorn powder. This is great over the top of our Sticky Glass Gels and really will give some pizzaz to any base color.  This color is most intense over black.  

• The middle in our stack is our Gold Chrome pigment. This looks best over grey or black or the Wildflowers Purple Sticky Glass Gel if you're making it a chrome, but try mixing it right in with your gel polish to make a stunning new gold pearl color!

• The third in the stack, on the top, is Crushed Pearl Pigment. This is great for giving any color a pastel look. We tried it over the Wildflowers Glass Gels and they look amazing! Try mixing it with the Wildflowers Clear Puffy Gel to make tiny individual half pearls on a nail. 



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