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The highest quality micro glitter you can find!  Includes 24 beautiful holographic colors.  This is a set of 4 stackers - each with 6 colors, each color is in a 5 gram jar.  It's a great way to sample all of the micro colors to decide which ones will be most popular for your business.  

A 5 gram jar is enough to make an entire 10g jar when mixed with acrylic powder, or to use straight and dust over the tacky surface of gel polish on about 15-20 sets of nails per color).  

100% Cosmetic Grade in size and material - safe for eyes, lips, and of course - nails.  Solvent resistant. 

Pink Top (from top to bottom)

Cool Pink, Silver, Orange, Deep Teal, Sapphire, Brown

Purple Top (from the top to the bottom)

Purple, Copper, Gray, Rose, Rose Gold, Angel

Green Top (from top to bottom)

Apple, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Deep Red, Gold, Black

Teal Top (from top to bottom)

Mermaid, Yellow Gold, Blue, Berry, Green, Red

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