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By far, the most versatile collection of glitters and pigments offered in the industry!

This is the ultimate collection for creating "mermaid", "fairy dust", and colored chrome nails!  This is a set of 8 jars of wonderful called Powdered Sugar!  There are 4 micro-size glitter effects, and 4 ultra-micro (pigment size) shimmer / chrome effects.  These can be used by themselves or in combination with each other to create dazzling hand-grabbing magic on the nails.  

Made with cosmetic grade pigments and glitters of the highest quality, powdered sugar is sure to dazzle your clients!  It's a quick and easy upgrade to any set of nails.  All you do is dust them into the tacky layer of any brand of gel polish using your fuzzy buddy brush, press - and then topcoat.  These can go over white, black, or any color (my favorite is over pastel colors), and will create a unique effect depending on the base color.  

CONTAINS (from the bottom up)

1-Silver Mirror mermaid effect (micro GLITTER) 

2-Pearl Effect/Gun Metal Chrome (ultra-micro pigment / chrome powder)

3-Amber Fire - Blue/Rose Gold mermaid effect (micro GLITTER)

4-Blue Effect/Teal Chrome (ultra-micro pigment / chrome powder)-Pink/Green mermaid effect (micro GLITTER)

5-Lily Pond - Pink/Green mermaid effect (micro GLITTER)

6-Fuchsia Effect/Fuchsia Chrome (ultra-micro pigment / chrome powder)

7-FAIRY DUST mermaid  (gold effect micro GLITTER)

8-Gold Effect (ultra-micro pigment / chrome powder)


Each stack contains 8 glorious sugars each in a 5g. jar.  These are all cosmetic grade, and solvent resistant.  

(Lauren's favorite is to use one of the micro glitters at the base of the nail, and create an ombre by fading into the corresponding ultra-micro shimmer) <3

These can also be mixed into nail polish, or into acrylic powder.  They would give your pinks for pink and whites some amazing glimmer.  

We are in the process of updating this page with pictures and videos. Our pigment coloration in the stack that you receive may look slightly different than what is pictured but IT IS STILL THE SAME QUALITY AND WILL CREATE THE EXACT SAME EFFECT AS SEEN IN THE VIDEOS AND PICTURES.


(Nails by the super amazing Temeka Jackson and the fabulous Chloe Reed!!)

HERE is a video using AKZENTZ GEL to make the chrome colors by the incredible Robyn Schwartz!!  


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