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NEW!  Check out our bucket of bubbles!  These glitter blends are fantastic, cosmetic grade, and solvent resistant.  They are all perfect circle shaped glitters in varying sizes, perfect for all kinds of nailart!

These glitters are BRAND NEW.  

These glitters look amazing encapsulated in clear acrylic, or clear gel.

Each color comes in a .25oz (by volume) jar.  

If bought individually this set would cost $168

This collection includes: Bethany, Celestia, Cobbler, Corrine, Darla, Faith, Funfetti, Hope, Jane, Jocelyn, Kourtney, Lacey, Marty, Megs, Oasis, Oreeo, Paula, Polished, Pom Pom, Poppet, Punky, Rebecca, Vegas and Zoey glitters 

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