Unicorn Hologram Pigment Powder

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** NEW - BETTER PACKAGING (with fancy sifter - same amount of product, same great product!!)  **


"Unicorn" Hologram Pigment Powder

There is no higher quality available in the world - and YES, you will see the difference.  

2 grams of product in a beautiful 3 gram jar!

**  You can cut down the purity and density of the product if you'd like (so that you can see more of the under-color on the nail) by mixing in 2 parts of our #2 Gunmetal Chrome Powder from the Powdered Sugar Collection click here, with 1 part unicorn powder!  Great news for you, because if you want that all the time, your jar will last you 2-3 times as long :)

It only comes in 1 color, but you can achieve all kinds of beautiful colors by using the product over a colorful foundation, or by coating with the colored glass gel.

For best results use with gel polish, and use this product with a tack-free topcoat.  

1.  Apply the desired under-color.  Cure.

2.  Apply a tack-free topcoat.  Cure (DO NOT OVER-CURE, if your brand recommends 30 seconds, then ONLY cure for 30 seconds).

3.  Apply the unicorn powder using the provided applicator, or a silicone tool.

4.  Encapsulate with topcoat.  Apply 2 coats, and seal the free edge well.

*This product will have a different look based on the lighting in the room (or outside - it's INSANE in the sun!  Please see the pictures).  It looks most intense in the sun or LED lighting, and the effect is weak in fluorescent lighting.   

**Returns or exchanges not accepted on pigments and glitters.  Please read our return policy (terms and conditions) when checking out :) 

MSDS (click to download)

20 micron particle size.  




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