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Fedex runs Monday - Friday.  Signatures are required on orders more than $300.

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For international orders:

Orders are first shipped to our hub in Pennsylvania.  From there they are shipped and trackable to your doorstep with a secondary tracking number.  

***PLEASE keep your invoice/packing slip as evidence if there's an issue with your order. You may email us at with your order number, pictures of the product(s), shipping package and invoice/packing slip.***

If you order arrives damaged or with items missing, please take photographs of the package, contents, and invoice and contact us immediately. 

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If you place an order and use OVERNIGHT shipping, please feel free to call us, we may be able to get it out same day if you call!  (239) 677-0578

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Pick-up times are 10am - 4pm Monday through Friday (unless it's a week with a holiday). Please call to confirm that we will be there.  

Orders must be picked up within 1 week or they will be shipped.  Orders that are picked up with have the shipping fees refunded upon pickup. Thank you.  


What do I need to bring to class?

Supply Lists are available on the class page (product page) for each class.   


Class kits vary from class to class.  Some classes require a kit, and others a kit is optional.  This information is provided on the class page (product page).  

"I don't need a kit, or I would like to exchange product from my kit, or I want to trade part of my kit for retail product, or I already have that"

The kits for NailArt Bootcamp and other classes are custom made for class.  The kit mostly contains "class size" and "sample size" amounts of product that are NOT retailed in the online store or at shows.  Kits may not be returned, exchanged, products can not be swapped, and they are not sold separately.  

Do I need to bring a model (or can I bring a model)?  

No.  We will be working on full coverage nail tips that are included in your kit, along with a holder (think press-on nails) that way the art you learn can be applied to any type of foundation including natural nails, gel polish, hard gel, or acrylic.  Your kit also includes a display box for all of your beautiful creations!

NAILART BOOTCAMP (1 or 2 day class)

1.  I am new to nails, or I am student, is Nailart Bootcamp going to be too advanced for me? - OR I have been doing nails for 30 years, is this stuff going to be too easy or hard for me?

No.  No, and no.  During NailArt Bootcamp, you are going to learn SO MANY SKILLS.  You may already know how to water-marble like a boss.  Or you may be completely intimidated by one stroke.  This class is packed with so much stuff that the experienced tech will NOT be bored, and the beginner may be a little excited and overwhelmed, but if you got through nail school, you can get through this.  You may not "master" every skill that is taught in class, but you will have the foundation you will need to go back and practice and perfect your new skill!  This is not a super fast-paced class, so there is time to give it a few shots :)

2.   I don't do acrylic, or I am allergic to acrylic.  Now what?

Okay let me answer the "I don't do acrylic".  That's totally fine.  3-D acrylic nail art is kind of different than doing acrylic nails, infact, it's VERY DIFFERENT.  It's kind of like cake decorating.  It's a way to make art using a substance that has body, that is sculptable.  It's actually really fun, there's really no patting, and swiping with giant beads of product.  3-D acrylic nail art can be applied over gel polish on natural nails, hard gel, or even on press-on nails.  

Now, for those of you who are truly allergic to acrylic, I would recommend bringing a 3-D gel to class!  The brush you get in your kit will work with acrylic OR gel, and you can create a lot of the same stuff we will make out of acrylic out of 3-D gel.  

3.  What's in my kit?  

Your kit is pre-assembled, and includes everything you need to create every look we are doing in class.  In your kit, you will get a brand new detail brush, 3-D brush, and a one-stroke brush.  You will get 5mL sizes of art paints, and one-stroke "butter paints".  You will get 3g glitters, nail foils, water tattoos, a stamper and scraper, pigments, monomer, white acrylic, a fuzzy buddy brush, nail tips, a display box, a tip holder, and tons and tons of other "stuff" all in a cute little bag.  You will get re-usable practice sheets for one stroke and 3-D nailart, AND a certificate of completion.  

4.  What happens if 10 people don't sign up for class?

If we can't get 10 people to sign up for class, I won't be able to afford to come, as much as I would LOVE to.  30 days before the class date, if we have not reached at least 10 students, class will be cancelled, and you will be refunded IN FULL.  

5.  Why does it cost so much?

Having a nail class is actually really expensive.  I make about $80/hr when I am working here in FL in my shop.  So, when I am teaching class, I pay myself the same rate, and I would expect you to do the same if you ever become a teacher (only for the time I am teaching class)!  Most everything beyond that goes to the cost of coming to hold class.  I can't do class alone, so I always have to have someone who I trust travel with me, we have tons of bags, and boxes, and classroom setup, and teardown, product set up and sales, etc.  I can't do it all.  

Then there's all the prep-work for class.  Your kits take approximately 45 minutes EACH to assemble.  We make and manufacture all of our paints, we pot all of our glitters, we cut all of the foils, we fill all of the bottles, we count all of the tips, it makes my head spin just thinking about it.  It takes about a full day just to assemble the class kits.  I don't have a fairy kit maker who does this for free, so I do pay someone to do this.  

Then we have to fly to get there and back, and rent a cheap car to get to and from class and to and from the airport.  I usually have to check my bags with my nail stuff so that I don't get strip searched at the airport lol, or I can ship my stuff there.  The class kits have to be shipped, and any product available for sale has to be shipped in most cases too.  The hotel or venue charges for the conference room which can be anywhere from $200-$800 per day depending on the city and most of them in addition to what they charge, also charge a 22% fee just because they can.  I call it the "just because we can tax".  God bless America.  Sometimes we offer lunch with class, and they like to charge the same "just because we can tax" on that too.  So sometimes we just order pizza :)  

Then of course, we have a hotel room in whatever city we are in.  We pay for our own food when we travel.   When we have class at a show in a convention center, the fees are even more complicated in most cases because there are union labor fees involved.  Also, unless I want to take a 50 inch flat screen TV on the plane with me, I have to rent one from the hotel or venue so that everyone can see without crowding around and breathing on each other, or I have to rent a projector, which can cost a pretty penny too!  

Nevertheless, at the end of the day when sometimes I wonder why I am doing this, and other educators may think I am out of my mind to coordinate this, but it's my LOVE for teaching and my LOVE for people that keeps be going.  I love to empower nail techs to grow and build their businesses, and to just be confident in who they are as a person, and as a nail artist.  I know this is what God created me to do, and I love every minute I get to spend with my students, even if you are only my student for a day. :)

I am interested in having a class in my area:

 Available Sessions:

  • NailArt Bootcamp - learn 10 basic nailart techniques (available as a 1 or 2 session class)
  • Foundations of Acrylic (available as a 1 or 2 session class)
  • Foundations of Hard Gel (available as a 1 or 2 session class)
  • 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D roses
  • One-stroke
  • Fantasy Nailart
  • Custom Press-on sets
  • Foundations of the Electric File
  • Foundations of the Nail Business (also covers nail photography)
  • Customize your own class session

Please email for pricing.  

What products do you use?

I use what I like!!  And you should use what you like.  I have tons of products for you to sample in class if you are not happy with your products.  Specifics can and will be given in class.  

Are you available for private lessons?

Yes, I am available for private lessons, and for travel.  If you would like more information please us an email. 

Where are you located?

I am located in Cape Coral FL, which is Southwest Florida.  The physical address is: 1357 N Tamiami Trl, Suite B, North Fort Myers, FL 33903.  The closest airports are Punta Gorda which is serviced by Allegiant Air, Fort Myers, which is a major airport, and Tampa is about 2 hours away.  

There are no restaurants within walking distance of Wildflowers Academy, so if you plan on staying all day and are getting dropped off, please pack a lunch or snack.  I do have a refrigerator :)  If you drove, there are plenty of places less than 5 minutes away.  


I am coming from out of town to see you for a private lesson.  What's the closest airport and best hotel?

There are two really close airports.  The closest is Punta Gorda.  It is serviced by Allegiant Air and is about 30 minutes away.  The second closest is Fort Myers which is a major airport.  It is about 45 minutes away.  

The best, closest, prettiest, most reasonably priced hotel is The Best Western located in North Fort Myers.  It's about 10 minutes from the studio.  Here is a link:



Once the glasses are yours, they are your responsibility to care for.  I do not give refunds or partial refunds if crystals are knocked off, or if the glasses are damaged once in your possession or while having prescription lenses installed.  


Glitters are packaged by weight when the jars are filled.  Certain glitters weigh more than others, as they are denser than others.  (Example, the micro glitters and very dense and heavier than the neon glitters).  Each and every glitter pot is weighed to have over a certain amount of glitter in the pot (the weight depends on the product).  In most cases, the jar will be filled just over the shoulder of the jar.    ** The micro and micro-lite glitters tend to settle and pack during shipping.  They are tapped and packed when they are jarred, but be prepared for some to possibly settle below the shoulder of the jar.**

Glitter colors may vary slightly from the images on the site.  We do our best to represent the true color of the glitter.  


Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my order? 

You can email my team at:

for any information regarding your order! :)











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